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WHY CHoose COLOpeople?

Anyone can tell you that they will save you TIME and MONEY.  They will even tell you that they will negotiate the BEST TERMS for you.  COLOpeople does more than that.  We take the time to listen and ask questions you may not have even thought about.  We are dedicated to finding the perfect IT data center service solution for you and your business, along with an SLA that will support your needs.  Instead of spending hours researching and emailing potential providers, and having to listen to their sales and marketing pitch, we have already done that for you.  COLOpeople will take the time to find out exactly what you need today and for your future. We will guide you through this complicated process, supporting you every step of the way to ensure you set your IT infrastructure up for efficiency, flexibility and long term growth.  


Our industry knowledge and data center partner wholesale pricing agreements for enterprise and retailer clients, SAVES YOU TIME and MONEY.   Our team approach makes the difference. We are the single point of contact for all your providers.  We are passionate about this industry and have deep connections with our partner data center executive staff.   We love what we do and we are dedicated to making sure our clients are happy.   


With COLOpeople we do not limit your choices when it comes to your IT Infrastructure solutions.   With us you to “pay-as-you-grow”. You can change your IT service requirements as needed and only pay for what you’re using today.  


We understand no two companies are completely alike and your best option is getting the exact data center package that is tailored to your unique needs.  We leverage our entire client base to your benefit.  We offer free support to our clients for as long as we work with you and are available 24/7 for any reason.  We also offer the option for our clients to go direct with us, where we will manage data center space, servers, IP or a cloud deployment on your behalf, so you can be invoiced and completely supported by us.