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Colocation Santa Clara through COLOpeople

COLOpeople is a respected industry leader in the provision of colocation providers in Santa Clara, California. We are not the average colocation company in that we do not represent a single facility. We are experts of the industry with the knowledge, network, and connections to find you the best colocation facility for your company's individual needs, required specifications, and budget. We know that no two colocation Santa Clara providers are alike and that it is not always the best decision to commit to the first suitable colocation facility you find. While many facilities may be capable of meeting your needs, they may not be the most optimal choice. Not everyone has the experience to survey all the possible options and find the most ideal; that's where we come in. We represent hundreds of facilities equally, making unbiased choices to meet the needs of each of our clients individually. Like no two colocation facilities provide the exact same service, no two customers have the exact same needs. We are paid by the colocation facilities we represent to offer your expert colocation. As a result of this, you have no obligation to us or pressure to rush your decision.


We have a flawless reputation and have such a high standard of quality service that our services are utilized by numerous Fortune 500 companies. Although we take pride in making expert decisions for such prominent leaders of industry, we are just as comfortable providing colocation Santa Clara solutions to smaller businesses as well. Our goal is to not only provide you with the best colocation services for your business, but to also provide the most affordable rates that are in line with your predetermined budget. For example, many companies cannot afford to facilitate their own data center due to financial restrictions and to accommodate such companies, we offer access to colocation facilities that provide access to both full and fractional cabinet setups. Our goal is to offer you complete flexibility in the form of diverse options to completely support your business needs.

In addition to our focus on diversity, we understand the importance of reliability, security, and integrity. By that we mean that we only represent facilities that prioritize stability of power and internet connectivity. They maintain this level of data security by using the very latest in cooling and fire suppression technologies. We pride ourselves in providing the most secure and versatile colocation Santa Clara solutions.


Additionally, COLOpeople adjusts to your personal needs and offers specialty services to individual businesses that have further requirements. For example, we provide "green" colocation services from facilities that only use renewable power or LEED certified practices. Among other things, we can also provide raw data center space, fully managed hosting services, hybrid hosting, cloud computing, remote reboot capabilities, IP connectivity, additional bandwidth and IP addresses. We also provide world class tech support so you will never be left with a colocation solution that you cannot efficiently and optimally utilize.

We are an effective business colocation Santa Clara provider because we save our clients time and money. We have the connections and the network to negotiate the best deals for you without any excess trouble, effort, or inconvenience required on your part. Not only do we have a complete understanding of modern colocation technologies, facilities and services, we also have knowledge of the market, the landscape of the industry, and its patterns. You will save money if you call us first. That's the bottom line.

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