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Private Cages & Suites

Please note that not all Locations or Facilities are currently listed in the data below.
Therefore, please contact us directly to receive the areas in the regions you require.

Choosing private cage data center colocation ensures that the highest level of security protects your resources. Only IT professionals from within your organization and technicians at the data center in question will be able to access those private cages - no other client will have access to your valuable equipment. Private suites also provide more flexible cooling options. Instead of taking the needs of multiple clients into consideration, a data center can customize the cooling options for the cages within the suite to the exact specifications that are needed for your servers.

With private server cage colocation server racks and other equipment are stored in a caged environment that is only accessible by the client who is renting it. This in turn creates a number of benefits that can't be ignored.

Private cage colocation also provides the opportunity to customize your cage as you see fit. You control exactly how much space you're going to rent, the total pieces of equipment and types of resources that are stored inside and more. This makes upgrades, troubleshooting and other necessary functions far easier than ever before.

Private cages for colocation purposes (which are often commonly referred to as suites due to their configuration) are best suited for enterprise businesses for that reason. An enterprise business likely has needs that are changing by the day. Your storage requirements tomorrow may have little resemblance with the requirements of six months from now, a year from now or longer. With a private cage, you have complete control over the space and can continue to change the way that it is being utilized depending on your needs at the moment.

With private cage colocation, you aren't just purchasing access to private space for your company - you also control the specifications of the suite or cage itself. Many providers offer added value features like unique locking capabilities for each cabinet, for example, or biometric and electronic locking for additional layers of security. Private cages also come with fully adjustable mounting rails so that you can make the most effective use of the space you have available to you without worrying about the physical requirements of the cage itself suddenly becoming an issue.

In terms of colocation, there are always important things that you need to keep in mind. Chief among those is the fact that you're renting space for servers and other computing hardware based on your organization's exact needs, which means that you need to carefully consider what those needs actually are for the highest level of return on investment. As a customer, you provide the servers and the storage. Colocation providers give you everything else - from the building those servers are stored in to the bandwidth required to run them and everything in between.

When you're considering network cage and suite options, each facility can be very different. If you contact the facilities directly, the sales agents will obviously promote their specific areas of focus. These may or may not be good for your needs.

At, we work with you directly to understand YOUR needs and requirements then make suggestions for the facilities that meet your needs. Then we will assist you in negotiating for the best pricing, negotiating your contracts, reviewing your contracts, and finalizing your needs so what you want is what you are actually getting… has clients in all ranges up to Fortune 50. You know many of them but we do not share our client information. It is confidential.


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