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Medical - HIPAA

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When you're in health care, your hosting needs are often completely different than in other industries. Health care colocation is a quickly growing part of the medical data center and managed hosting industry, as patients demand better access to their providers and medical records. How do you provide these services among the legal requirements for privacy in the health care sector?

By hiring an experienced, SSAE 16 certified data center for your medical colocation needs, you're ensuring accountability for your patients' information. A HIPAA compliant data center has additional security protocols in place to ensure your patients' medical records are protected. As the push to make medical records more portable and easier to access goes forward, having a private cloud-based or managed hosting system that is completely private and HIPAA certified allows you to confidently report that you are completely HIPAA compliant.

Does your company work with drug companies, whether as a pharmacy, drug trials or for other purposes? Utilizing a HIPAA compliant pharmaceutical data center helps ensure that not only your medical records remain secure, but that any information on developing new protocols, trial data or results will remain secure not only from the general public, but from competitors as well.

By using a health care data center that is willing to go the extra mile, you're ensuring that your records and data are kept completely private and secure while ensuring that they remain available for office use. By using a medical colocation site, you're actually providing more reliability and security to your health care records. Colocation sites offer better redundancy as they keep spare servers available to quickly change out failed equipment. They offer better physical security through keycard and biometric access, dedicated servers and locked cages, keeping servers secure. With a variety of backup power sources, data centers ensure that your site and record access has a minimal amount of down time.

Because the technicians at a data center are experienced in dealing with network access issues, they're able to quickly and competently fix any problems that arise. In addition, the access to central network locations help ensure that your servers and website access points are very quickly available.

If you are exploring using a medical colocation service to better secure your medical records while providing your patients with better access to their records, make sure the colocation service is going to meet your needs. If the service doesn't have experience working with medical records and HIPAA compliance or isn't willing to sign a contract that they'll remain within the protocols you need to secure your patient data, simply don't work with them. At COLOPeople, we have years of experience with the health care industry and would be happy to ensure that your medical records remain secure while keeping up with mobile technology. Contact us today for more details on how a partnership with us helps build your health care business.

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ColoPoeople and the Medical HIPAA Industry