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Gaming Industry

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When you're in the gaming industry, you have a lot of different very specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Finding a single solution for all of the requirements can be very difficult. Game server colocation is one solution that provides some great benefits for gaming companies and their customers while ensuring better quality service all around.

As the cloud and mobile game market share increases, there's more demand for better speed and performance over the Internet. This means you're dealing with real-time transactions and you don't get a second chance to make things work. Your customers require very fast data both to and from their location reliably, which is handled amazingly well by a specialized infrastructure at a colocation gaming data center, as it creates very low latency.

Having routing optimization that considers all the possibilities and data in place helps improve latency and the customer experience. Many data centers base their route optimization on the shortest number of networks. This isn't always enough to provide the best service to your clients - the route needs to be tested to verify its actual speed, including latency and packet loss, instead of basing the choice on assumptions (what if a network was down or slower during a specific period?). Gaming data centers are constantly upgrading their routes to find the best latency for their clients, often updating several hundred thousand routes a day.

Another area where gaming data centers need to stand out is the flexibility they provide to gaming companies. During times of high demand, for example a tournament or game launch, you need flexibility in terms of additional servers for shorter periods of time. A gaming colocation service provides the ability to rapidly scale up and down to meet your needs, rather than tying you in to services you don't need after a particular time period. A good gaming colocation provider will offer a mix of colocation and cloud services so that you can make these unforeseeable changes in market demand very quickly.

Using a colocation service for your gaming needs provides the best service for effective costs. Because a colo-service focuses on the servers and services, they have better redundancies for power and network, faster service to fix problems and access to spare servers to minimize downtime due to failed components. Data centers also provide better physical security, with biometric and data card access, private suites and locked cages, depending on your needs. They already have the necessary infrastructure.

At COLOPeople, we offer a variety of colocation and cloud services to gaming companies including the best and most frequently updated routing. At the same time, we centralize your support and accounting, minimizing the amount of time you need to spend away from doing what you do best - running your games. For more details on how we can help optimize your customers' gaming experience, please contact us today for an analysis and quote.

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