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Full Cabinets

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If you run a medium-sized business and are looking at options for data center colocation of your servers, full cabinet colocation is an excellent option to help keep your business both strong and flexible. Whether you're expanding your website or are just thinking about ways to increase your reliability and speed, utilizing a data center server rack cabinet helps you provide the best possible service for your virtual public. But what is a full cabinet and why is renting one at a reliable data center a great option for your business' servers? Let's start by taking a good look at the basics.

What is a full cabinet?

A full server cabinet at a data center is essentially a cabinet that is able to contain numerous networking and computing components and has mesh doors on the front, allowing visual inspection of the components while at the same time limiting access to them, because the cabinet has a standardized width and a standardized height in terms of rack units (U). This standardization allows components of different heights to be mixed in the cabinet, allowing you to customize the cabinet to meet your business' needs.

Data centers can offer a wide variety of services beyond the type of cabinet selected. They can offer either shared or dedicated network service and are rated on a tier system from 1-4 that helps provide a range of redundancies, power back-up options and limits to downtime. In this system, a tier 1 data center is lowest with over a full day of downtime per year and a tier 4 data center having multiple redundancies and protections, and allowed only a maximum 26 minutes of downtime annually to maintain its certification.

What are the benefits of renting a full cabinet?

By renting a full network cabinet, you can meet your business' changing needs quickly and easily. A full cabinet allows you to have additional capacity added to your server setup without significant delays or downtime. If you anticipate that your business will suddenly have significant growth, renting a full cabinet provides you room for immediate growth, allowing you to customize your cabinet to meet your changing needs.

Data cabinets under a colocation rental agreement come with a number of options you may not otherwise consider. Because colocation sites already have highly improved network access and power availability, they can keep your servers operational during difficult circumstances. Data centers often keep additional components on site to replace faulty units, minimizing downtime from equipment failure. The centers are frequently set up with strong physical security, including video surveillance, biometric security and additional protections to keep your data safe.

Hopefully this has helped clear up your questions about full server cabinets, but when you're considering network cabinet options, it can seem as though there are a world of confusing options available. At, we understand your concerns, which is why we're always happy to help answer your questions and find the perfect solution for your business. Contact us today for more details.



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