COLOpeople has numerous strategically located world-class, carrier-neutral colocation facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad. We can provide solutions that reduce the time and cost of building your own enterprise data/cloud center while minimizing the maintenance and in-house costs and in-house labor pool. Our clients enjoy the value and security of a multiple-facility outsourced solution while continuing to maintain in-house control via the customer portals, remote hands, and/or managed services. With a presence in one or more of our data center locations, you can leverage industry leading colocation facility features.


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Space & Available Power (Density)

At the core of every COLOpeople approved facility is our ability to provide essential space and power to our customers.  While data center space and power might seem like routine services, the sophistication of managing state-of-the-art colocation centers is anything but routine. The majority of our facilities are built to provide N+1 redundancy, supported by UPS and generator backup, delivering the highest level of uptime availability for your mission critical operations. With our private cabinets and custom cages, you can procure custom power solutions based on your deployment specifications. With customers ranging from Fortune 100 to the SMB in our enterprise class carrier and cloud-neutral facilities, you can be assured that we have the experience and reliability you can trust.

Not sure about your power requirements? Share the list of equipment you plan to install with one of our Sales Engineers and they will handle the rest. Need more information about our colocation and data center space specifics? Simply fill out the form on this page and we'll get you the information you need immediately.

HVAC Redundancy & Performance

There is nothing more important to the health and welfare of your data center equipment than its HVAC Systems.  The vast majority of our facilities deploy scalable, redundant cooling systems to ensure stability of airflow, temperature and humidity based on your server specifications.

Our HVAC infrastructure for enterprise data centers and server colocation includes:

  • Redundancies in the primary and secondary distribution systems.
  • Frequent CFD modeling to ensure optimal data center performance.
  • Humidification control provided through an ultrasonic source to support the effectiveness of antistatic flooring surfaces and prevent static discharge.
  • State-of-the-art system monitoring and stringent preventive maintenance procedures.


Power & Cooling Redundancy

There is nothing worse than the fear that your data is gone! A hardware failure, even the loss of your electronic phonebook or calendar can keep you off balance for days.  Power and cooling redundancy, data backups, and data recovery are the guarantee that your business will be protected from data loss. Our facilities have successfully provided data center services with 100% uptime on our overall power and cooling systems. That's redundancy you can count on.

The structural integrity and redundant power and cooling infrastructure required for a secure, reliable and effective networking and computing environment. 480V power feeds are distributed throughout the majority of our data centers, along with UPS systems supported by gel cell batteries capable of providing full-load power in case of commercial power failure. If the commercial power fails, our redundancy control systems will switch to generator power within 20 seconds. In addition, the generator systems are designed with an override capability that enables manual activation of the generators.

Colocation FacilitySecurity & Access Controls


At COLOpeople, we understand the responsibility we have in keeping your mission critical data center operations safe and secure. As such, our facilities have implemented security procedures designed to ensure access is tightly controlled. Most facilities use both badge access systems and biometric systems to prevent unauthorized users from entering the center. Surveillance cameras are located at strategic areas within each center.


While at times extra security measures may seem excessive, we know that our customers appreciate the level of security we require to protect their colocated servers, cloud environments and other IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Colocation with COLOpeople:

Superior network performance, lower network costs, and proven redundancy for mission critical applications through 37,000+ cross connections.

  • Connect with a network neutral, global ecosystem of 1,000+ telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud providers and enterprises in a secure,  reliable environment. Reduce network costs by replacing local loops with less expensive and more  flexible interconnection options.
  • Connect quickly and seamlessly through fast, reliable networks to support faster time-to-market for new services.Protect your data center assets with disaster avoidance/recovery, early warning systems, data backup and recovery, and diversification of communications technologies  plus the highest level of backup power and power generators.
  • Reduce costs and gain the flexibility to expand business opportunities and service offerings without making additional IT investments.

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