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Cloud Computing

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As our society becomes more mobile and expects resources to be available through a variety of devices, cloud computing services have become very popular for a wide variety of applications. But as opportunities abound, so do possibilities for misuse. In this piece, we'll discuss cloud computing - what it is, how it works and the benefits a business can receive by implementing cloud storage and accessibility.

What is cloud computing?

Using a cloud system involves storing software online to be used through a network connection. Because of the way it is accessed, it is much easier to provide access without having to install or store programs on an employee or client computer. As a common data center or colocation service option, cloud computing has less downtime, more redundancies and better response times than cloud services hosted by a business' IT department.

Security and cloud type

If a business handles any type of sensitive information, whether it's a health care business protecting HIPAA information, an ecommerce site protecting credit card numbers or a banking site protecting sensitive account numbers, making that information available through a cloud computing system has to handled with an eye to extreme security. Towards this end, many businesses will split sensitive information into a private cloud system, accessible only through secure means, while leaving public-facing information on a public cloud system.

But what about when the same individual needs to be able to access both sides of the equation? Recent developments have created hybrid cloud computing systems that use a mix of in-house and external resources to meet this need. This provides scalable-use public platforms while still protecting sensitive information in the cloud.

Benefits of cloud computing systems

With the potential risks to sensitive online data, why are so many companies jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon? In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and mobile, cloud computing can provide great and inexpensive options to streamline many business processes.

From a secure remote access perspective, when a service company may have previously needed multiple phone calls, paper quotes, work orders and invoicing to complete a service, a technician in the field can show up at the client's home, remotely look up previous work and quotes that were drawn up, complete the necessary work, bill the client and accept digital credit card payment. All from a simple tablet that connects via the Internet to a cloud computing system hosted by a colocation service or data center.

In a similar manner, a banking client can check their balance on their smartphone, transfer funds between accounts, access online bill payment systems and take care of that utility bill that was accidentally left unpaid when they left on vacation. In turn, the bank offers a secured system that protects the client's sensitive financial information while offering the convenience of mobile account access.

Our world is changing, and cloud computing is going a long way towards making society truly mobile while making it easier than ever for people worldwide to access information from a wide variety of sources. Contact us today to find out how COLOPeople can help make your business compete in today's world.

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