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Cloud and Managed Services

Please note that not all Locations or Facilities are currently listed in the data below.
Therefore, please contact us directly to receive the areas in the regions you require.

COLOpeople helps customers develop cloud computing locations and facilities to provide the flexibility, agility, and cost savings the cloud can deliver. Everything is done in cloud-neutral, secure, highly redundant and reliable data centers and in some cases, across multiple providers to enhance disaster avoidance and minimize end-point to entry-point latancy. Whether using cloud computing for storage or web-based applications, COLOpeople Cloud can launch new services without interrupting normal service or incurring the expense of hardware upgrades. Innovative and forward-thinking companies can take advantage of the cloud colocation environment to expand economically and grow beyond their initial deployment without the burden of a large IT infrastructure investment. COLOpeople cloud facilities are located in virtually all major markets across the United States to best serve our clients and their connection needs.


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What is "The Cloud"?

There are many definitions of "cloud" (and they change daily) but the root focus is two points:


If you are deployed "in the cloud" you will be in multiple locations simultaneously. This is taken to the next level with COLOpeople by placing you not only in the data centers that we own space in but in others that we have reciprocal arrangements with to create a multi-site AND multi-provider environment. This provides an incredibly high level of security, connectivity, and disaster avoidance.


ResourcesOnDemand means that your platform is extensible in small increments through COLOpeople resources. Whether this is storage, more computing power, more application space, or platform diversity, you can expand as you need the resources rather that pre-planning and paying for huge IT infrastructure expenses in big gulps. It makes life much easier.


  • National and global options for transport solutions
  • Multi-carrier multi-facility networking
  • Business continuity and disaster avoidance
  • Carrier-neutral colocation connectivity options
  • A massive solution portfolio for interconnectivity
  • A cost-effective and secure outsourcing solution


COLOpeople Cloud Centers

  • Power densities up to 400 watts per square foot and up to 25 KW per cabinet
  • Floor Loads: 500-1250lbs/sf
  • Conditioned Power: UPS and DC power available
  • Fire Safety: VESDA and pre-action systems
  • Security: 24x7x365
  • Robust, redundant, scalable cooling systems
  • Monitoring: Mission critical systems, surveillance, access control
  • SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Compliant


    Beyond the Basics

    COLOpeople connects you directly to carriers, exchanges, cloud computing, storage and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. As such, you can control your IT spending and scale services up or down as you need them through cloud solutions and/or a direct connection. You also have choices. Through numerous exchanges, carriers, communities and other businesses, customers can buy or sell services, reach new markets and leverage any of the thousands of networks in the COLOpeole Community. The unmatched connectivity alternatives within our facilities provides incredible flexibility for your business deployments.