The need for Data Centers continues to rise especially with the emergence of e-commerce, data warehousing, and networking of digital multimedia content. Many Cloud infrastructures are also designed for internal communication within a business relying on freelance efforts around the world. More customers are connected to a business resource through their mobile device. The opportunity for a business to seek Data Centers has risen dramatically in recent years. Other businesses have taken advantage by turning to Data Center Commission by reselling Data Centers. This works by splitting a server environment into multiple virtual public servers that can be resold. Data Centers working with resellers continue to expand while the affiliates also expand. There continues to be a growing demand for Data Centers.

Client businesses that subscribe to a level of service offered by a hosting company with a virtual public server are investing in a portion of physical hardware shared by other client businesses. A virtual server with Cloud Computing resources is carved out of a much larger Data Center that is shared among many client businesses.

Resellers of Data Centers receive a commission when they resell a partition of a server as a virtual public server and a level of service offered through Cloud Computing. Both the virtual server and Cloud Computing environment have made reselling Data Centers more possible. Affiliate organizations receive Data Center Commission when they resell services from an original hosting company to other client businesses. This growing trend has made affiliated Data Centers a lucrative business that continues to grow.

A Data Center Commission has earned more revenue by accepting affiliates that resell services that can be carved out and scaled by subscribing to a level of service. That subscription level is defined by the attributes of the virtual public server and the capacity of the Cloud Computing environment. With the evolution of technology, there is a gradually increasing need for Data Centers to support the growing demand of e-commerce capability and data storage requirements. Today's technological world requires Data Center capability and an IT infrastructure that can be purchased via a subscription plan.