With significant growth witnessed in Cloud Computing globally, this segment of IT is indeed turning into a hot destination for the job market. Forbes states that there are currently more than 18 million Cloud jobs in the world with 40% belonging to China alone.

With more and more large and small sized organizations moving into the Cloud, this number is bound to increase and IT professionals with the relevant skills are out there to grab the right opportunities.

Read on to find out what are the best careers to choose from in the Cloud computing arena.

Cloud Architect

This Cloud job demands sufficient experience in design and installation of virtualized environment. With a sound background in computer science engineering, the Cloud architect is responsible for the development and implementation of Cloud initiatives. He ensures that implemented solutions are in alignment with the business and budgetary requirements. Adequate knowledge about PCI compliance, firewalls and load balancing concepts are expected from a Cloud architect.

Software Engineer- Cloud Technology

The Cloud software engineer designs and develops the software modules required to integrate with the Cloud service providers. The software engineer must hold the relevant experience and expertise in providing accurate ETA for the software modules and must hold hands-on experience in working with ETL tools and techniques. Experience in software oriented architecture will be an advantage.

Cloud Sales Consultant

A customer-facing role with sufficient experience in sales of IT products and services, a Cloud sales manager or consultant is one of the most lucrative jobs in the market. The role involves traveling and dealing with the C-suite professionals to growth the business. A fair understanding of the service combined with strong communication skills goes into making a fantastic Cloud sales consultant.

Cloud Systems Engineer

The backbone of Cloud implementation is the robust virtual system and it takes an efficient Cloud systems engineer to build these systems. With ample experience in handling the 24x7 hosting environment, this Cloud job holder is a master in handling Internet security techniques and system configuration management.

Cloud Network Engineer

The certified professionals (with CCNA or CCNP certification) and in-depth experience in network engineering would suit the best in this Cloud job. A network Cloud engineer implements, supports, optimizes and maintains the hardware, software as well as the communication links in the Cloud infrastructure.