One of the ways a person can have a Data Center job is to serve as an agent who refers clients to existing Data Centers. This high commission sales position requires Data Center knowledge and the opportunities continue to grow. Many industries that did not need Data Center facilities now rely on Colocation services to support an IT infrastructure and Data Center operations. For instance, the expanding retail markets now rely on e-commerce as customers have taken to purchases online more readily and seriously. Other industries are growing and require Data Center services. Marketing environments require customer relation manager databases connected to an inventory database as part of an e-commerce infrastructure. More complex architectures continue to be developed as more Industries take advantage of Data Center services.

People who are interested in a Data Center job can work in IT as a data processing Colocation professional. They would be the ones earning high commissions referring client businesses to Colocation services from a Data Center provider. This requires understanding CPU processing needs, data storage capacity, and network bandwidth capabilities. The skilled professional knowledge is needed in the area of network protocols, computer and network equipment, peripheral, and more. Individuals can work as independent contractors very easily, given they have the technical expertise to refer client businesses to Colocation services. Their skills training would be used as a consultant in an advisory role. They would be designing architectures that fit client business’ needs and help build a subscribed level of service with a Colocation Data Center service provider.

A Data Center job, as an independent contractor referring clients to Colocation services, is not a one-time effort with each individual client. The contractors become familiar with the clients and are able to provide long-term support for expansions as the need arises.

In times of need, when there's a migration or other significant change, the independent consultant can offer solutions that optimize processing needs for the client's business. Very often these Data Center jobs have contractors that work with a few select clients and specialize in their Data Center architecture needs. They become long-term consultants who advise on the changing technology and the necessary elements to support their data processing needs.  A Data Center job that involves client referrals for commission offers residual passive income from other referrals and upgrades. Given the hard work and focused attention on each individual client, an independent contractor has an opportunity to make significant amount of income.