Today's technology has put businesses in a position of relying more on Data Centers and creating an IT infrastructure. Cost effective solution has emerged to support the growing needs of smaller businesses needing to rely on some form of Data Center. Businesses seeking virtual hosting services or Cloud Computing capability do not know where to look. Other individuals and businesses offer Colocation referrals to support primary organizations that offer Colocation services. Colocation is a facility where client businesses store their servers and utilize the provider’s network capability and data storage capacity.

Agents that offer Colocation referral represent a primary provider offering Data Centers and an IT infrastructure to support growing business needs. The provider contacts a potential prospect that responds to a collocation referral by a third party. The sign contract results in a commission paid to the third party. This kind of consulting is becoming more common for businesses in need of Data Centers. Data Centers providers focus more on managing an IT infrastructure for their client businesses. Agents that support Colocation referral of other client businesses provide the consulting service and customized solutions for an IT infrastructure.

The complexity of Data Center needs has arisen due to a greater number of businesses spread across multiple industries needing an IT infrastructure to support their state of the art technology. From e-commerce to data warehousing, client businesses are in need of an IT infrastructure such as Colocation to support their Data Center needs. Colocation referral is a growing technique for client businesses to become aware of hosting service providers that can fit their needs. Beyond the awareness, a client business needs the consultation to understand what capabilities are available and what levels of services need to be subscribed to.

Individuals and businesses are taking advantage of receiving high commissions for Colocation referral services to support Data Center and hosting providers. This business relationship to support a marketing branch of a Data Center provider is becoming more common. As client businesses renew contracts and expand service levels after a time of growth, the agent offering Colocation referral services receives residual income. This business relationship has long-term benefits.