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Save Money on Ashburn, VA Colocation through COLOpeople

COLOpeople is a nationally recognized leader in the colocation industry for superb and adaptable services across the country. We are proud to offer Ashburn, Virginia colocation solutions, but are also known for our excellent standards and reliable, cost-effective facilities across the country. Our integrity, expertise and experience have earned us the trust of countless companies of all functions and sizes. We even provide colocation solutions for numerous Fortune 500 companies. While we take great pride in being able to provide exceptional service to companies of this magnitude, we understand how important data integrity is to companies of all sizes. COLOpeople strives to adapt and evolve to any situation your company presents us regardless of scale, function and any unique needs you may have. We understand that it isn't practical or possible for all businesses to have their own dedicated data centers. We can provide full or fractional cabinet packages for large businesses, small businesses or individuals who entrust us with providing such an important service.

COLOpeople differentiates itself from the standard colocation Ashburn, Virginia service in that we are not tied to an individual facility or company. While we have connections and are involved in a network that is useful for surveying all possible options and negotiating the best rates, these facilities are separate entities. As a result of that, we do not harbor any favoritism towards one facility over another, but rather strive to choose the best possible location to suit your needs. While most colocation Ashburn, VA facilities offer suitable service and various companies may be capable of providing reasonable service to you, our mission is to find the most ideal and optimal fit for your situation, needs and budget. If you are already utilizing Ashburn, VA colocation services, but are not 100% satisfied with the facility you are working with, let us know what aspects you would like to improve and we will use our knowledge, experience and expertise to find you the perfect fit at the lowest possible rates.

Our goals are based on the philosophy that no two services are exactly the same. Additionally, no two services charge the exact same amount. Given that, we not only have an intensive knowledge of colocation capabilities, technologies and features, we also strive to have an up-to-date familiarity of the market landscape of the industry. This effectively provides us with the best tools to find you the best value for your money. Furthermore, our services cost you nothing since we are completely funded by the countless facilities we represent charged only with the task of discovering the optimal package for your individual business needs. In addition to no burden of cost, there is no burden of obligation on your part. However, we stand by the notion that if you call us first, we will save you money.

It is hard to underestimate the importance of data integrity, service reliability, consistency and security while being in the middle of the Ashburn, Virginia colocation industry. We guarantee both power and internet connectivity stability and utilize the safest and most reliable fire suppression and cooling technologies. Nothing is more important than peace of mind when dealing with the integrity of invaluable company data and that is why we guarantee that your sensitive resources will be in the best care available.

COLOpeople provides a wide array of features with our colocation packages including but not limited to: “green” data centers, additional bandwidth/IP addresses, raw data centers, remote reboot functionality, cloud computing, fully managed hosting, hybrid hosting and IP connectivity.


Each of our colocation Ashburn, VA packages includes 1000Mbps Burstable Port and IP addresses, Native Ipv6 and IP Multicast with all connections, Primary and Secondary DNS hosting, Forward and Reverse DNS with full control, online customer Control Panel with usage statistics and DNS, and 24/7 customer support. Let COLOpeople provide you with a free Ashburn VA Colocation quote today.